Photo by Bo Sösemann

YOURDAUGHTERS blends RnB inspired sounds into indie rock and pop to create groovy songs in English and Danish. With their latest single „Sometimes“, the 4 band-members Jule Sösemann, Lotta Sösemann, Robinson Krüger and Laurens Westphalen, are adding another layer to their emotional, harmonic sound. Playing their debut Concert at LIET INTERNATIONAL in 2022, YOURDAUGHTERS’s sound was describe as Dreamy RnB by the New York Times.

Growing up, the sisters Jule and Lotta Sösemann were always involved in music projects and performance, but never on the same stage.
With an age difference of 6 years, they found each other as „grown-ups“ in 2021, where they released their first single „Flowers“.
As if it was meant to be, the sisters ran into Laurens Westphalen and Robinson Krüger, while searching for a live band for the performance of LIET INTERNATIONAL 2022. The guys quickly became part of the band, and together YOURDAUGHTERS found their unique sound and stage presence.

With the Sösemann sisters’ background in the Danish minority in Germany, the 4 bandmembers combine their different musical styles and languages to play both songs in English and Danish, while talking German to each other on stage.
Having played gigs and Festivals in both Demark and Germany in the summer of 2022, Yourdaughters will hopefully release more music in the next couple of months, leading to an EP release in 2023.